Mail-Order Pharmacy hurts everyone, read this.

All over this country patients are bringing in outdated, or medications they were sent in huge quantities from their "Friends" in the mail-order pharmacy business. This example is for $100,000 worth of wasted medication, and remember it's just one example from one pharmacy.

We could take that $100,000 and cover a large portion of our under-insured or non-insured patients on Lopez Island and keep them healthy. Which would in the end lower over-all health care costs by keeping them out of the ER's and staying a healthy productive, tax paying member of the community. We'd also be so busy we could hire more "LOCAL" help and keep the dollars in our community instead of sending it to the CEO of Express Scripts, but as you'll see in the next paragraph, he needs the money.

Then look at the next picture of the total 2016 compensation for the CEO of Express Scripts(Mail-Order Pharmacy) and see that he alone took home over $14 MILLION in compensation. $14 Million, to lower health care costs, really it doesn't make sense, when we can't help our patients, and Express Scripts is doing all it can to put community pharmacies out of business.

Common sense is what will help healthcare, in a week I'd fix this mess and still be able to take the week-end off.
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Using our New and Improved Clinic 2.0
Sept 25, 2017 – 10 minutes well spent!

To help speed your way through the paperwork of our new affiliation with UW Medicine, you can greatly speed up the process by taking 10 minutes to pre-register yourself over the telephone.

Call the clinics main telephone number 360-468-2245 and press option 1.

You will be told it is the appointment line, but you can ignore that unless you want to make an appointment.

Tell the person you want to register as a patient at Lopez Island Clinic. They will need any insurance cards you have, so have them ready before you call.

This only will take about 10 minutes and will make everything, even getting prescription refills quicker. Please take the time to do this as soon as possible.
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Flu Shots are Available Now! Please Call Ahead!
Why we make appointments for vaccinations?

While it may seem tempting to hang out a sign advertising flu or other vaccinations, “No Appointment Needed”, we’ve found that everyone seems to show up at once. Wait times can be quite lengthy, and when we give you a set time we have done all of these things before you get here.

1. If you’re not a regular patient, you’ll be asked to fill out a new patient questionnaire
2. Checked your vaccination history with the Washington State Immunization Database to determine whether you need other vaccinations, possible saving you a second appointment.
3. Bill your insurance, we bill almost 500 insurance plans.
4. Check for Drug Interactions and other problems.
5. Prepare ALL the forms required, and have most of the information already filled out for you ahead of time.
6. When your vaccination is finished we will notify your primary care provider what vaccinations we have given you.
7. We will enter your vaccination(s) in the Washington Immunization Database.
8. Finally, the next time we give you a vaccination it will be even easier and quicker.

We do the best we can to squeeze patients in without appointments that have special needs, such as those traveling. We do vaccinations every 15 minutes daily, leaving some open times right when we open, close and during the lunch hour. Remember all the while we are also filling prescriptions and counseling patients on their everyday medication needs.

If you don’t have time to setup an appointment and elect to go somewhere that takes walk-ups, please ask the pharmacy giving you your vaccination if they have done all the steps outlined above. We suggest you clip the 8 points above and ask anyone giving you a vaccination if they have done these things for your protection and care.

It’s your health, make sure it’s done right.
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