Really Molina of Washington you need a Prior Authorization for us to give a Tetanus vaccination? The patient just cut himself badly and you want us to wait how long.? Lucky for the patient we have a small supply of state supplied vaccines for times just like this.

Community Pharmacy doing the right thing at the right time, all the time!
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Prescription gotchas for 2018

Up until 2018 for most insurance it didn't matter what prescriber wrote your prescriptions. Any Dr., Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, Naturopath, Dentist and prescribing Pharmacists(Like Marge and I).

But starting in 2018 at least for Medicare Part D Drug plans the prescriber must be a registered Medicare Provider. This won't be a problem for the vast majority of prescribers listed above, with two notable exceptions.

Dentists and Naturopaths will be the biggest problem. Many of these two professions won't or don't accept insurance so they don't sign up to be a Medicare Provider.

You might want to start asking your provider if they are a registered Medicare Provider, otherwise your prescriptions might not be covered under your insurance.

You can be sure when we transmit a claim they(Insurance) will look for any chance to deny a claim.
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Mail-Order Pharmacy hurts everyone, read this.

All over this country patients are bringing in outdated, or medications they were sent in huge quantities from their "Friends" in the mail-order pharmacy business. This example is for $100,000 worth of wasted medication, and remember it's just one example from one pharmacy.

We could take that $100,000 and cover a large portion of our under-insured or non-insured patients on Lopez Island and keep them healthy. Which would in the end lower over-all health care costs by keeping them out of the ER's and staying a healthy productive, tax paying member of the community. We'd also be so busy we could hire more "LOCAL" help and keep the dollars in our community instead of sending it to the CEO of Express Scripts, but as you'll see in the next paragraph, he needs the money.

Then look at the next picture of the total 2016 compensation for the CEO of Express Scripts(Mail-Order Pharmacy) and see that he alone took home over $14 MILLION in compensation. $14 Million, to lower health care costs, really it doesn't make sense, when we can't help our patients, and Express Scripts is doing all it can to put community pharmacies out of business.

Common sense is what will help healthcare, in a week I'd fix this mess and still be able to take the week-end off.
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